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About Us

Follow your passion, and sucess will follow you


Coco & Bubbles, LLC was established in 2012. In 2019, the business was sold to the current owner, Elise Phillips, who saw an opportunity in the marketplace. “I had a hunch that the current owner would be interested in selling their business to me when I noticed their Etsy shop had been closed for a while. I hated seeing such a fine idea go to waste so I reached out on Facebook to see if she would be interested in selling her company assets. To my surprise, she was. That rest is history.”

Through adding new sales distribution channels, equipment upgrades and making improvements to the production facilities, and processes, Elise plans to grow Coco & Bubbles production to 4,000 units per week.  

Coco & Bubbles has been featured in Hello Giggles, Huffington PostDetroit Home Magazine, and many more!

About Soy Candles

Soy products have a long and detailed history in the United States and abroad. Soy beans have been grown for centuries. Although China started growing soybeans 5,000 years ago, the small but powerful bean made its first appearance in the U.S. in 1829.

When you buy a soy candle from us you are supporting us soy bean farmers.

Benefits of Soy

Soybeans are eco friendly for numerous reasons. Soy is an easily renewable resource. Soy helps reduce the dependency on petroleum-based products and fuel and supports US based soy bean farmers.

Soybeans are a healthy food source for animals such as cattle, dogs, and cats, fish, poultry, and humans. Every part of the soybean can be used. And, the soybean industry has a positive impact on the U.S. and world economies.

Soybean Candles

Candles made from soy offer numerous advantages including:

-Environmentally friendly

-Use a resource that creates U.S. jobs. Soybeans are generally a domestic grown agriculture product. Today, there are around three billion bushels of soybeans grown in America.

-Soybean based products are made from an abundant and renewable natural resource.

-Soy candles burn cooler than other types of candles which means that your candle will last longer - meaning you will get more for your money.

-Soy wax provides excellent hot and cold scent throw.

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