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Green Fundraising – A Healthy

Soy Candles Offer Eco Friendly
Option for Schools, Charities, and other Non-For-Profit Organizations
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Soy candles offer a profitable, eco-healthy
alternative to traditional fundraising products for schools and other organizations. Selling environmentally friendly products is a win-win situation for buyer and seller because it provides a sense of helping the environment while raising funds for a school or other group.

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Fundraising with Soy Candles
Our candles come packaged in attractive glass jars, colorful labels or gift boxes. They can also come in a multitude sizes and popular scents. All of which makes a perfect product to sell for seasonal decorative use or for gift giving.

Need more convincing as to why you should choose soy candles for your next fundraiser? While there are many go green fundraising options, selling soy candles makes the largest eco impact. Soy candles can be considered a cradle-to-grave eco product. From the growing, to the manufacturing to the use of the product, soy candles at every phase are good for the environment.

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A Win-Win Fundraiser

With the eco-impact of our soybean based candles, to the feeling of helping the environment while helping schools or other types of organizations, selling soy candles makes everyone feel as though they are making a contribution that counts in numerous ways.
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